New Al-Ameer Palace

34-36 Worksop Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield, Tel 0114 244 8026

Revisited: Tuesday, 20 Feb 2001, 8.00pm

Update by Phil Coates

For friendliness and putting you at your ease this restaurant has no rival. Notwithstanding, a recent visit to the Bradford Kashmir had reminded me just how piquant and delightful a good sauce can be - and Al's, despite being served piping hot in cast iron balti dishes, were a sad disappointment in comparison.

Two of us shared all the dishes. Again we got complementary popadoms. We sampled a fairly unexciting onion bhaji - though with decent salad and yoghurt sauce. A chicken curry (ordered madras hot) arrived vindaloo strength and, apart from containing good chicken, was otherwise unremarkable (6/10). CL's score (below) for mixed vegetable balti seems way over-generous. For me, this ghee-fest scores 5/10, and certainly had no depth to its spicing. The portions seemed large, but I am starting to wonder if all this ghee is just a cheap way to bulk out a dish.

Overall, 6/10 for food.

Al-Ameer's Visited: Saturday, 21st October, 2000, 9pm

4 stars

Review by Jeff Davis

Category Marks
Food 7/10
Service 8/10
Value 7/10

Sheffield East has an abundance of Indian restaurants. We met in the Cocked Hat, just across the road from Al-Ameer's. Whilst waiting for our friends we made a couple of calls to the restaurant, checking on the availability of a specific starter and dessert. They don't make their own rasmalai, but were prepared to go out and get some for us; they were even open to negotiation on the price. First impressions were good.

My mixed kebab was excellent, very spicy. Mark W described his as outstanding, a pleasant surprise, while Paul B thought the onion bhajis were the best he had ever tasted. The starters were accompanied by a large portion of varied salad and a highly spiced dip. Other nice features were the complimentary popadoms and pickle tray.

The main dish portions were huge, the biggest we have had anywhere. Quality was not sacrificed for quantity. My chicken massala was a nice dish, intricately spiced, very enjoyable. Paul B thoroughly enjoyed his dish, but the portion size defeated him. Mark W - new to curry restaurants - had a chicken curry as his main dish; he said he never knew Indian food could taste so good. Phil C's chicken bhuna was a good above-average curry, though lacking that little extra something that would have made it special. CL's mixed vegetable balti was intricately spiced. But again, another of our group was defeated by the sheer quantity of the food. I gladly tucked in and finished off what he had left. It was very good, even better than my massala.

The waiters were very attentive. Water was happily provided for the non-drinkers. The toilet facilities were excellent.

The breads were of high quality. Three of us shared two rotis, two chapattis and two nans. We have found this an adequate amount of breads to enable us to eat our dishes at other restaurants. However, the Al-Ameer portions meant we ran out of bread just before finishing our dishes. If you are not a large eater, then consider sharing one main dish between two. Paul B and Mark W both had a portion of boiled rice each.

The New Al-Ameer Palace is one of the best restaurant we have tried anywhere in the county; it was popular on the night, and offers good quality food and reasonable value. This is one of the restaurants that I will be looking forward to re-visiting.

Dish Price (£) Marks Consumer
chicken bhuna 3.90 7/10 Phil C
chicken massalla 4.00 7/10 Jeff D
chicken curry 3.50 7/10 Mark W
chicken massalla 4.00 7/10 Paul B
mixed vegetable balti 3.90 8/10 CL

onion bhaji (2) 1.40, mixed kebab 2.50, chapatti 50p, plain nan 1.20, tandoori roti 1.00, boiled rice 1.30, rasmalai 1.50.