Butler's Balti House

194 Brook Hill, Sheffield, S3 7HE, Tel: 0114 2768141

Visited: Sunday, 25 Feb 2001, 9.30pm

Review by Phil Coates

Category Marks
Food 7/10
Service 6/10
Value 4/10

Ways to get a good curry in South Yorkshire.

(1) Make it yourself.

(2) Make friends with an Asian family and get their mother to make it for you.

(3) Go to Bradford.

But Master, I seek truth and knowledge; show me the way.

Then know, son, daughter, you choose a steep and thorny path, a path beset with dangers. There lurks the evil Ghee and the man from the South Yorkshire School of Waiter Training. Arm yourself! with a vocabulary.

Actually, if you can avoid the alcohol, the popadoms (pickle tray extra), and the rice, you might just get a good curry here - served piping hot (for a change) in a cast iron balti dish. Two of us shared all the dishes, avoiding the starters, which were pricy.

Pick of the crop was the balti chicken bhuna (ordered apna style - home cooked - at no extra cost, but with considerable loss of quantity). We had been warned that the sauce would be on the dry side. It tasted excellent, but looked rather lost in its big dish. The chicken dopiaza (ordered madras hot, 35p extra) did nothing to justify the extra cost. What arrived was a middle-of-the-road vindaloo, bulked out with too much ghee. All the chicken was good breast meat. The balti mixed vegetables (side dish) was a good average curry, medium hot. The breads, too, were a decent average.

The service, initially a little silly and uninformed, became very attentive once we had made it clear that we had paid our curry dues around this and other cities. And extras like salad and spicy yoghurt sauce appeared belatedly, perhaps as a reaction to this. All the staff were friendly and happy to chat, perhaps the more so since there were very few customers in. Not the best value around, but definitely worth a try.

Dish Price (£) Marks Consumer
balti chicken dopiaza 4.85 5/10 Phil C/Jeff D
balti mixed vegetables (side) 2.75 6/10 Phil C/Jeff D
balti chicken bhuna 4.60 8/10 Phil C/Jeff D

plain nan £1.05, tandoori roti 75p.