Everest Tandoori

59-61 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, Tel 01142 582975

Visited: Sunday, 27 November, 2000, 8.15pm

Review by Phil Coates

Category Marks
Food 4/10
Service 5/10
Value 6/10

I am slightly at a lost with this restaurant as, it has to be said, our collective experience was seriously mixed. On the night it was fairly crowded, suggesting it is popular with many.

Certainly not to their credit, the waiters played that wearisome game of trying to intimidate the customer into buying unwanted items - What, no rice! What, no popadoms! are the familiar cries of this, unfortunately, dominant species. I might have added What, no alcohol! but to be fair, they made only a token effort, and the requested jug of water came quickly and courteously, nicely presented with ice and lemon. Later we did have to ask for a refill.

We ordered only vegetarian main dishes and breads.

Of these my sabzi chilli dal, the waiter's recommendation for a dish containing lentils, was easily the best, though a touch expensive for a vegetarian dish. I judged it a little more than the promised medium hot, largely due to the presence of near-raw chunks of green chilli. On the plus side there was a good variety of freshly prepared vegetables. The flavour of the lentils came through well, but the spicing was nothing special.

The remaining dishes, like my own, were both prepared from a good mix of fresh vegetables. However, the mixed vegetable curry was bland and undistinguished in its spicing, little more than a vegetable casserole (JD had asked for a madras) while the sabzi tikka massalla, having been promised medium hot, was mild, over-dominated by potato, and spoiled by a cloying richness. CL, normally the most generous of critics, described it as "staggeringly poor". He was unable to finish, and it is perhaps a wonder that he even gave it 2/10.

The breads were all good, but not outstanding. Here, it has to be said, that poor breads are a rarity, but so are the large, thick, juicy naans to which I am especially partial.

Everything was clean and tidy, and in place in the toilet department, but the "background" pop music (unusually more Western in style than Indian, if that matters) was loud and intrusive. (This is no doubt a personal preference, but I just prefer no music at all).

I am told this restaurant once had a good reputation; a lot of work is needed if it is to regain it.

Dish Price (£) Marks Consumer
mixed vegetable curry 3.75 3/10 Jeff D
sabzi chilli dal 4.95 7/10 Phil C
sabzi tikka massalla 3.80 2/10 CL

plain nan £1.25, tandoori roti 95p.