688-690 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield

Visited: Sunday, 2 September 2001, 9pm

Review by Phil Coates

Category Marks
Food 5/10
Service 8/10
Value 5/10

We first visited this restaurant several months ago when, though it was never formally reviewed, we were undecided whether to make it a four-star. My recollection of it then is as a busy, popular (probably a Saturday night), friendly, hastle free place, which served superb succulent chicken - and one of the flatest feeblest naans I've ever seen .

And now the new! Well, with last night's churning indigestion still lingering, I have no hesitation in making it a three-star. Maybe we caught the chef on bad night, but the meat content of the chicken dopiaza, though it looked impressive, was almost completely tasteless; the madras-hot sauce was passable, but lacked depth. The sauce in the vegetable balti seemed better, with hints of an occasional clove, but also proved ultimately depthless, and was further spoiled by being too oily ( a common fault with veggy dishes, perhaps in a mistaken attempt to make them more filling). It certainly failed to justify its hefty price tag.

The third of our party was more impressed with his chicken methi and happy enough with a gulab jaman dessert (which I'm told is usually reliable, if you like that sort of thing).

This last item was not on the separate dessert menu, which contained the usual kulfi-fest - but the culprit has at last been identified! Central Supply is "Tropical Ices" of Bradford.

The naan was better than last time, but all the breads were below average quality and/or overpriced.

The service was still hastle free - after a little negotiation we got a fine plate of extra salad on the house, accompanied by spicy-and-not-too-sweet voghurt sauce - and the atmosphere would nearly have been relaxing if the music had been quieter. In summary, not a disaster, but not really good enough to choose in preference to many others.

Dish Price (£) Marks Consumer
chicken dopiaza 4.30 5/10 CL/Phil C
vegetable balti 5.40 6/10 CL/Phil C
chicken methi 4.30 8/10 Jeff D

popadom 50p, chapatti 80p (yes!), roti 80p, plain nan £1.40, gulab jaman £1.50.