The Kailash

55 Doncaster Road, Armthorpe, Doncaster, Tel 01302 830 530

Curry Date: Wenesday, 20th September, 2000, 8pm

Review by CL

Category Marks Opening Times
Food 5/10 7 days a week:
From 6pm till midnight
Service 8/10
Value 4/10

Having not previously heard of this restaurant I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The menus harvested by Jeff turned out to be takeaway prices so that aspect was disappointing, prices being very much in line with other Curry houses in Doncaster. There is a separate Vegetarian menu which is something you don't come across very often.

The inside has apparently just been done out and it did indeed give an impression of plushness. The waiters were extremely friendly and did not at any stage crowd us with too much attention.

As you would expect in a Doncaster curry house there was a bit of background music, which wasn't excessively loud but still a little irritating. Also typical is that: "Would you like anything to drink?" is an invitation to drink alcohol and having to ask for a jug of water always brings memories of your worst experience of getting one elsewhere no matter how easy it actually is to get one. A typical Bradford curry house is unlicensed and water is often brought without even the need for a request. In the event, a jug of water was brought without any song and dance or surly stares. Another notable difference is the lack of the Bradford convention of offering 3 chapaatis or rice included in the price of the main course. There was a substantial difference in the cost of a vegetarian dish and a meat dish - a gap which was not as apparent in recent trips to Bradford.

The food was of a good standard generally, the chicken ("succulent and tasty") being a highlight but unfortunately the sauces were a little on the bland side, so much so in fact that Jeff was heard to be saying half an hour after we'd left: "Have I been curried?" This lack of potency was a particular problem in my Vegetable Kashmiri, The sweetness of banana does not preclude the possibility of an associated "chile rush".

The nan, tandoori rotis (only mentioned on the vegetarian menu) & chapaatis were all of an acceptable standard ("fine", "alright", "nothing special"). The Chicken Kashmiri consisted of large pieces of chicken and banana in a sauce of thin consistency, "Why not call it a Chicken & Banana Curry?" Jeff remarked.

To sum up, you could say of these dishes, they made a decent chicken casserole, but not much of a curry.

Onion bhajis seem to be radically different wherever you go varying more in taste, shape and texture more than any other food I can think of. The Kailash variety come in twos, are spherical, about 2 inches wide and not quite as crispy as I usually like them but that is purely a personal preference.

On balance there was a slight sense of let down but then again, on the way home, we were making frequent references to various restauarants it is superior to. I don't want to belabout the obvious but the final bill was more than the bill for most of our recent trips to Bradford with the petrol included. Quotes: Jeff: (Referring to a small vase of Pink carnations) "Put them on the side somewhere, they're doing my head in." Phil Coates: "Not very warm..." & "Apart from being a disco..." ?: "I could hear every word you were saying in the toilet."

Dish Price (£) Marks Consumer
chicken dopiaza 5.10 5/10 Phil C
chicken kashmiri 5.10 3/10 Jeff D
vegetable kashmiri 3.65 5/10 CL

onion bhaji (2) £1.80, boiled rice £1.60, chapatti 70p, plain nan £1.60, tandoori roti 90p.