64 The Wicker, Sheffield, Tel 0114 279 8210

Visited: Sunday 22nd October 2000 6pm

Review by Jeff D

Category Marks Opening Times
Food 6/10 Sun-Thurs 11:00 - 02:00
Fri & Sat 11:00 - 03:00
Service 4/10
Value 8/10

With hindsight perhaps we should not have reviewed this "restaurant". The Pakeeza (Fast Food Tandoori Take Away) is primarily as the name says a take away. However they do have three tables on the premises and do some eat-in business. It is certainly unpretentious and unlicensed, but cannot really be described as a restaurant, more a take away/curry bar. The question was, what would the curries be like from an establishment also selling pizza, kebabs, southern fried chicken and burgers?

The menu was one of the most diverse I have ever seen and contained many curry dishes that I have never heard of before. This is what enticed us to pay them a visit. The cuisines offered included Tikka, Tandoori, Balti, and Punjabi. There is also a good vegetarian section, available as side or main dishes.

We started with onion bhajis and samosas, which both came in twos, and it must be said were excellent and accompanied by a copious amount of salad. The only downside was that the starters arrived at the same time as the main courses. The reason for this is that they appeared to be under-staffed for the level of business they were doing. A number of people came in just after us and ordered take away items. The starters and main courses arrived approximately 30 minutes after we had ordered - quite a delay. We were also subjected to a guy coming in to the premises and asking us for money for something to eat. The tables were also very close to the door and we were frequently blasted by a draft of cold air.

I had a chicken methi. It arrived cold and I had to ask for it to be taken back to be reheated (microwaved, as I heard it ping!). Once reheated it was a nice dish, with a large amount of succulent chicken, but tasted more like a standard medium-hot curry than a methi.

Phil had a mixed vegetable curry as a main dish. This was was medium hot, with a good selection of vegetables, perfectly acceptable but lacking that little extra something to make it special.

CL had chicken madras which he described as up-front hot with no subtlety. This was initially served lukewarm, and again had to be reheated.. The overall impression was disappointing.

The nan breads were good, the rotis and chapattis very good. We watched these being hand rolled and cooked in the oven. Quite interesting.

They do not do desserts.

We cannot recommend this establishment as a full blown restaurant dining experience. You certainly wouldn't take any one there on a date. However if you were in the area it would be a viable alternative to the Pub Grub/McDonald's/Pizza Hut type of eateries. I would also say that as a take away it probably excels in the quality of the food it serves. Its downfall is that it is trying to wear two hats; perhaps it should just concentrate on the take away element. Having said that, as we were leaving, an Asian family took up the seats which we had occupied and were obviously intending to eat inside.

Dish Price (£) Marks Consumer
chicken methi 3.55 6/10 Jef D
mixed vegetable curry (large) 3.00 7/10 Phil C
chicken madras 3.35 4/10 CL

chapatti 40p, tandoori roti 50p, plain nan £1.00, onion bhajis (2) £1.00, samosas (2) £1.00